Collaborate with social media calendar

Keep your social media accounts active by scheduling posts
to fill the gaps in your calendar

Use Publishing Schedules

Create a preset publishing schedule for each social account

  • Time-slots for easy planning

    With having a posting schedule, you don't need to think about the date and time each time you`re scheduling a post.

Thursday September 17
Friday November 17 Weekend sale starts

Get Reminders for Dates Coming soon

Add special days to your calendar, plan your social posts with ease

  • Tag Posts & Create Campaigns

    Plan social media content in terms of campaigns. Just add tags & group posts to create consistent messaging accross channels.

View all at-a-glance

Get an overview of all the content you have lined up

  • Reposting & Editing

    Share again your previous posts from calendar. Easily edit and customize pending posts for each social network.

Thursday September 17

4 accounts

Icons/time 11:05 (CDT)
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Collaborate with a social media calendar

Use Comity to plan your social media posts with ease