Smart schedule content for social media

Do not think about date & time, everytime you create a post.

Pick from optimized suggestions

Use smart scheduling that maximizes engagement

  • Assistant for easy planning

    Quick schedule posts by picking from automated & optimized time suggestions generated by assistant depending on the day you are planning for.

Automate time selection

Click a time-slot and the schedule time is automatically configured in editor.

  • Smart & Flexible Scheduling

    Change schedule for a post when you need to instantly in the editor or pick from time optimized time suggestions.

Use Publishing Schedules

Create a preset publishing schedule for each social account

  • Time-slots for easy planning

    With having a posting schedule, you don't need to think about the date and time each time you`re scheduling a post.

Thursday September 17

Smart schedule social media posts

Use Comity to keep your social presence active by automatically scheduling posts