Plan & organize hashtags for social media

Use hashtags for maximum engagement and avoid typing them everytime

Organize Hashtags in Groups

Build your hashtag library to maximize the engagement

  • Make your posts discoverable

    Hashtags are a great way to make your posts more discoverable. Create and save groups of hashtags, build a library of options, experiment with different combinations, and easily reuse your favorites.

Insert Hashtags to Posts

Skip copy & paste, use the planner to insert your hashtag groups to posts you are working on

  • Use Hashtag Picker

    Your hashtag library is always accessible in the post editor. Pick your hashtag group and automatically insert to your post.

Discover new hashtags Coming soon

Search for Top Hashtags and generate groups automatically

  • Assistant for easy planning

    With help of assistant, you can build your hashtag library by automatically generating groups for top hashtags.

Top 10 Hashtags
  • #discover - 41%
  • #explore - 12%
  • #travel - 12%
  • #nature - 7%
  • #photography - 25%
  • #adventure - 9%
  • #love - 5%

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