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Comity comes with a robust set of features for easy social media management & team collaboration.

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All accounts in one

Manage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Mastodon accounts from a single dashboard.

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Create & schedule posts for each social account and Comity will automatically publish.

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Get a quick overview of your social media schedule and create posts directly on calendar.

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Advanced Post Editor

Easy to use post editor with support for media attachements & content preview.

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Image & GIF Upload

Upload & attach custom images or pick from millions of available GIFs

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Emoji Support

Enhance your social posts with hundreds of available emojis

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App Integrations

Connect apps you use everyday and see your content in your dashboard

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Content Suggestions

Automated daily checks for content & activity updates.

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Shopify Integration for product updates, discounts & promotions and embedded marketing.

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Create separate workspaces for social media account groups and easily manage client and business accounts.

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Team Accounts

Collobrate with your team on content and planning.

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See your performance and analyze content using analytics.

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