You can invite other users to collaborate on social media by creating a team.

How teams work?

Comity creates a personal workspace for every Comity user that signs up. A personal workspace does not allow users other than the admin of the account. If you want to work with others, you will need to create a team and invite others.

Each workspace is billed separately.

Creating a Team

1. Click the user avatar icon at the top right of the screen and select "Teams".

2. Click "Create a Team".

3. In the next step name your new team and click "Create Team".

You will be automatically added as the admin of the new team. You can invite users by clicking "Invite a Team Member".

User Roles

There are currently two user roles available:

✔ can invite and delete other users
✔ can manage integrations
✔ can publish or delete social activity

✔ Can publish or delete social activity