Scheduling Posts

Comity simplifies the process of planning & scheduling posts for various social networks.

Scheduling Posts in Comity Dashboard

To create a post, click "Create Post" button.

1. Select social accounts.

2. Type your message.

3. Enhance your message with images, GIFs, or Emojis.

4. Select "Publish time". You can automate time selection or set manually for each post.

5. Review your post for one last time and click "Submit" to schedule the post.

Customizing Posts for Social Networks

After you schedule an activity, you can customize posts for each social network.

1. Find the post you want to customize in the list and click "Customize"

2. Edit the message and attachments as you see fit

3. You can also customize the publish time for the post.

Review the post for one last time and click "Update Post" to finish customization


Customizing Posts