Mentions & Hashtags

You can increase engagement for your social media by using mentions & hashtags.


The mention you type will be transferred to the social networks. However, we don't have mention suggestions for social networks at the moment. For this reason, you would need to know the exact handle you'd like to include, for example, "@username". Once published, the account you mentioned will become hyperlinked in the social network.


Post editor will detect any #hashtag you add to your message, and they will become hyperlinked in both Comity and any social network.

Hashtag Manager

You can use the Hashtag Manager available in Comity to create hashtag groups and easily add to your posts using the "Hashtag Picker" available in the post editor.

1. Go to "Posts" feed in your Comity dashboard.

2. Find the hashtag groups in the right sidebar and click "Manage Hashtags".

3. Create a new hashtag group and save.

4. Look for the # icon in post editor and you can attach your hashtags with just a click to your posts.


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