Spotify Integration

Integrating Spotify with Comity allows you to quickly and easily see the latest songs you listened in your news.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service serving millions of users worldwide.

Connecting Spotify

1. Go to "News" feed in your Comity dashboard.

2. Click "Add Integration"

3. Find Spotify in the list and click "Connect"

Scheduling Post from Spotify News

1. Go to "News" feed in your Comity dashboard.

2. Click "Spotify" in the left sidebar, which will filter the feed to display news from your Spotify account.

3. Click "Share" button on the news you want to create a post about.

4. Post Editor will automatically capture the link for this news.

5. You can use app shortcut picker to insert information about this news or get assistance to generate a post.

Dismissing News

Comity will only check for the last 20 songs you listened recently to display in your news.

If you find the news suggestion not worth to share on social media, you can click "Dismiss" to remove from your feed. You can also clear the entire feed by clicking "Dismiss all" button anytime.

Comity does not backup any news data and the news that is older than 30 days will automatically be deleted even if you do not dismiss them.

Disconnecting Spotify

1. Go to "Accounts" settings page.

2. Find Spotify under Integrations list and click "Remove"