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Media Attachments

Learn how to enhance your posts with images, videos and emojis.

We recommend enhancing each of your social posts by attaching an image, gif, or video. 


The maximum file size you can upload is 15 MB. Comity may resize or compress your files if the image attributes or the ratio exceeds the limitations enforced by the social network.

  • Facebook: We resize images not to exceed 3000 pixels height.
  • Twitter: We resize images not to exceed 1024 pixels width.
  • Linkedin: We resize images not to exceed 4746 pixels width.
  • Mastodon: We resize images not to exceed 1024 pixels width.
  • Pinterest (Beta): We resize images not to exceed 600 pixels width.
To attach an image, select Image icon in Post Editor


You cannot upload custom GIF images but use the GIF picker available in Post editor to enhance your posts with animated visuals. The GIF library is powered by

Please note that Facebook does not support GIF images for Business Pages, so Comity will convert GIFs into link attachments for Facebook Pages.

Link Attachments

When you include a link to your post, Comity will scrape the link and generate a link preview attached to your post.

Link attachments mostly mirror what you would see if you were sharing a link directly on social networks, as long as the website at the link supports The Open Graph Protocol.

Link attachments currently cannot be customized. If the website/link you are sharing does not use The Open Graph Protocol, the actual attachment may look different on social networks than the attachment Comity generates for preview.


Video attachments are currently a beta feature. To request access, please contact us.

Last Updated: August 29, 2020