Spend less time thinking what to share

Connect all the apps you use every day and Comity will show you what you can post to the social world

Connect your apps

Connect apps you use everyday to Comity

View your activity

Comity will show important updates

Schedule and share

Share instantly to all social accounts you choose or schedule for future

Tell the world what you really do

Share true happenings summarized from apps you use and create a trustworthy social presence 

Yoga in the morning

See your fitness activity in Comity, share how much calories you have burnt

Reading in the afternoon

See your reading status in Comity, share your favorite quotes or where you left off

Music on the way

See tracks you listened in Comity,
share the tunes you love

Updates from Store

See new products and updates in your store, let your customers know instantly

Articles from blog

See your latest articles in Comity, share with your followers or schedule for future

Up-to-date data

See accurate statistics about your business in Comity, share to your customers

Workspace per Client

Manage all your client's social accounts in seperated workspaces

Social Media Calendar

Find empty slots in calendar and schedule posts from client activities

Work with timezones

Plan social media for clients globally and let Comity handle time differences

All Social Accounts in one space

Schedule posts and check analytics for all your social accounts in one place.

 Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram (Soon)
Mastodon Open Source Community Integration

Calendar dedicated to your social media

See your social activity in easy to use calendar, find empty slots and schedule posts directly.

 Direct Content Scheduling on Calendar
 Day, Week, Month Views
 Social Account Calendar
Content Calendar

See how you perform

Review your analytics and catch trends and see how you perform in the social world.

 Time Distribution 
 Content Source Analysis
 Data Per Social Account
Statistics per App & Content

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