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be present on every social network

Friends hang out on one network, customers on the other. It's hard to keep up with all. Not anymore. Comity's fresh approach makes you want to be on every social network; and manage all your social media effortlessly as it should be.

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Content and Social Accounts in one place

new now supports Instagram!

1. Add Social Accounts

That's the first step. A secure & limited connection that respects your privacy.

2. Start Content Streams

Streams does the routine work and collect ideas for you, that only belongs to you.

3. Time to socialize

The rest is just a matter of clicking to fill up your social.


Easily share content with streams

Content streams refresh daily showing things you have done and worth sharing.

One less thing to think about

Schedule posts in advance to free your mind, knowing you stay connected.


Add streams for the things you do,
so you can be who you are

and create posts with a
media rich composer

Boost your productivity. Start using Comity today.

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